No-Nonsense, Delicious Wedding Catering from Pecado Bueno

It’s pretty much one of the most important days of your life… your wedding day. In the midst of all the family drama, planning madness, and huge expense, there’s a lot to think about, and a heck of a lot to do. Wedding catering from Pecado Bueno is just the perfect combo of delicious, fun food along with great service and a non-bank-breaking cost.

Don’t get us wrong; those high-end wedding caterers certainly have their place, with $50 per plate meals and penguin-suited servers… We just don’t think that kind of catering should be your only option. We don’t think the happy couple should be paying and arm and a leg for bland, overcooked chicken, soggy vegetables, and cold potatoes. In our humble opinion, food that requires several extra glasses of alcohol just to wash it down does not belong at a wedding. The extra booze should be there to enhance the awesomeness of your celebration, not to make it manageable.

So, we’ve got another option for you. Wedding catering from Pecado Bueno can be customized to your special day and the budget that comes along with it. We can do a cozy salon bake over the coals, help you party away with a Mexican Paella, or even create something memorable like a full on roasted pig luau!

It’s the no-frills option (by the way, when we say ‘frills’ we mean ‘extra things you really don’t need but end up paying for with lots of other wedding caterers’).

The wedding industry has exploded with expense to the couple on their special day, and we just don’t think it should be like that. The bride and groom (or brides, grooms, etc.) should be able to party with their friends and family over good food and drinks. We’re thinking something like a hot, tasty taco bar and classic margaritas made with 100% agave tequila. Not bland, overcooked food and wine that tastes like it came from a box.

Oh, and the servers should really look like they’re celebrating with you, right? Cranky waiters and bad service is definitely not something you should have to put up with on your very special day. So if you bring the Pecado Bueno folks into the picture, our people will help make your guests feel comfortable and keep the party going strong.

Shoot us an email to tell us all about your special day, and we’ll get you a quote for what it will cost to make the magic happen! And we promise, no over-the-top prices for simple, good, wedding-day food and drinks. Congrats on your engagement, and we look forward to making your wedding that much more awesome!

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