WelcomeTo Our Restaurant

Our food is hand-crafted using fresh, natural ingredients. We use organic whenever possible and absolutely no preservatives, trans fats or lard. We always utilize sustainable products.

Food PhilosophyWhat we believe

We take simple taqueria food to a new level. We buy the best ingredients, make everything from scratch, and combine that with a full bar.

CateringEvents and parties

We believe that if you’re going to sin, you'd better "Sin Well." We are extending that idea beyond Pecado Bueno’s doors to offer catering for your events and parties.

Community Involvement

The Pecado Bueno business philosophy includes a commitment to always give back. In the year since Pecado Bueno has been open the variety of charities helped include
  • Experimental Education Unit at UW (EEU)
  • Fremont Abbey
  • B.F. Day Elementary school
  • Queen Anne Elementary School
  • Northwest Center
  • APL School
  • Adendel – funding for a school in Nicaragua
  • Moisture Festival
  • Fremont Parade
  • Fremont Oktoberfest


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Pecado Bueno

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Sat 10am - 11pm | Sun 10am - 10pm

West Seattle:
M-Th 11am - 10pm | Fri 11am - 11pm
Sat 10am - 11pm | Sun 10am - 9pm

M-Fri 11am - 11pm
Sat 10am - 11pm
Sun 10am - 10pm
HAPPY HOUR: 3pm - 6pm | 9pm - Close
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PHONE: 206.457.8837
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