The Pecado Bueno business philosophy includes a commitment to always give back.  In the five years since Pecado Bueno has been open the variety of charities helped include:

  • Experimental Education Unit at UW (EEU)  *    Moisture Festival
  • Seattle Ladies Choir                                          *    Fremont Parade
  • Fremont Abbey                                                 *    Fremont Oktoberfest
  • B.F. Day Elementary school                            *    Holy Rosary School
  • Rotary Club of Fremont                                   *    YMCA West Seattle
  • Queen Anne Elementary School                     *    W.S.  High School
  • American Cancer Society                                 *    Cascade Challenge
  • Northwest Center                                             *    APL School
  • Adendel – funding for a school in Nicaragua

We are proud to say that we have given over $200,000 to the community and will continue to contribute as our business grows.  We believe that by giving back we are helping foster the kind of community we all want to live in.

We are always looking for additional opportunities to help and welcome requests for fundraising events. Pecado Bueno’s charity giving efforts are concentrated on giving back to children in need and the local community. Please send your fundraising requests to

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