Sin Well This Holiday Season – Host Your Celebration Here

In our book, the holidays are all about spending time with the people you love. And it’s even better over good food. This time of year is the best time to do what we call ‘sinning well’ – if you’re going to indulge and ‘sin’ a little, you should at least do it well. Holiday sweets, big family meals, and a celebratory mood – all ingredients for sinning well this holiday season!

Take a break from the Christmas cookies, ham, and mashed potatoes and have your holiday event catered by Pecado Bueno. Ours is the place to take your holiday get-togethers and parties for a memorable, fun event. And it isn’t too painful on your wallet, either…

At Pecado Bueno, we keep it simple: great food, a simple approach, casual atmosphere, and no extra reservation fees for your holiday event. Of course, we expect you and yours to eat and imbibe, but we don’t put a damper on the celebratory mood with added fees or minimums.

If you want to go bigger with a catered event (think pig roasts, salmon bake on the coals, a Mexican paella, or a fun taco bar), we can help you there, too. Our catering crew can pretty much do anything you need to make your celebration special: we’ll cook up plenty for ten, or even a few hundred! And we can have the party here, or take it to your place. Let’s just say we can be as flexible as you need, to get this party started.

Caveat – tamales are here for a limited time! You will not want to miss out on these authentic seasonal favorites. Our cook’s mother actually makes them for us, in the traditional way. We can have hundreds of them ready for your holiday celebration.

Have a safe, fun holiday season! Spend a little bit of it with Pecado Bueno… To book your holiday celebration, call 206-457-8837 or email

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