Making the Right Kind of Resolutions – Enjoying Great Food & Drink

Most folks are busy making effort to keep their New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, live better, be nicer, call their mom more, and so on. With a name that translates loosely to ‘Sin Well’, we at Pecado Bueno have a different focus when it comes to resolutions: make the right ones!

We believe that a lot of the most common resolutions out there have the wrong intention, or the wrong way to go about achieving them. When you can’t enjoy the ‘getting there’, it’s a lot easier to quit trying. That’s probably why the gyms are crowded in January, but by Valentine’s Day, it’s all back to normal – gyms aren’t the right choice for everyone as a fitness regimen, sometimes joining a softball league is a much better choice! Anyway, we recommend that you make the right kinds of resolutions, and find a way of achieving them that will keep you wanting more – not less – of the process.

Here’s how Pecado Bueno can help with some of the more common resolutions:

Losing Weight

It’s not a fun prospect to cut out all of the stuff you love from your diet. It’s especially hard during the winter, when all of that rich, carb-heavy comfort food is all you’re craving. We can help in a couple of ways: First, we make everything from scratch with the best ingredients, so there’s no processed crap to slow your weight loss and cause health problems. Second, most of our menu is full of delicious and health-conscious menu items (the ones that aren’t so good for weight loss have more cheese and starches, but they’re still healthier than a burger!). You won’t have to cut the flavor and fun from your meals at Pecado Bueno, and you can still work toward your goal of losing weight.

Living Better

This concept is one we live every day. Our whole idea of ‘sin well’ applies to this New Year’s resolution: When you eat or drink, do it well! You’ll live better by enjoying quality ingredients and incredible flavors. Why settle for food that is full of preservatives when you can have something fresh and delicious? That’s right… you shouldn’t.

Be Nicer

If you haven’t noticed that you or other people are grumpy when hungry, you definitely will now that we’ve mentioned it. With a stomach full of great food from Pecado Bueno, though, all the grump will be gone from your (or your friend’s) system. It’ll help you be a little nicer.

If your resolution is to call your mom more, there’s not much we can do with that, but we know that if you have lots of good times at Pecado Bueno you’ll have plenty to talk with her about when you do call. In the meantime, good luck with those New Year’s resolutions, and we wish you the best in 2014!

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