Our concept is to take simple Taqueria food to a new level. We buy the best ingredients, make everything from scratch, and combine it with a full bar.

We also keep our standards high and our prices low. By serving natural and organic foods whenever possible we ensure that all of our food not only tastes better but that it is also a healthy choice. We purchase food based on taste, the effect on environment, and the quality of life for the animals that help feed us.

Pecado Bueno is a place where young families can bring their kids and feel right at home – even alongside young single people! Our atmosphere is more “Rock and Roll” than Mexican. We serve a great margarita at a great price ($3 all day, every day!) and let the whole city know about it. Who said good food and drinks had to be expensive?

And our name? Pecado Bueno translates roughly to “sin well” and we believe if you are going to sin, then you better do it right! Can food be worth the wrath of God? We believe if you are going to eat and drink (gluttony is a sin, right??), then do it well – eat a delicious, local plate of enchiladas and quaff the best quality margarita you can find!


Sysco – A multi-billion dollar company that sees no sense in cutting corners to save a few cents. They have a great national reputation for going the extra mile and providing the best products. Read more about their commitment to food safety at their web site.


The Beef– Our beef comes from the company Nature’s Source.   They raise their beef on a Birth to Box program.  This means that the animals are raised on vegetarian feed with no hormones or antibiotics.

Pork– Our pork also comes from a Birth to box program, with no hormones or antibiotics and only vegetarian feed.  The brand of the pork is Marble Farms and comes from Sysco.

Chicken- We buy free-range chicken from Draper Valley Farms in the northern part of Washington state.

Eggs- Organic brown eggs from the state of Washington.

Snapper- Our Snapper comes from British Columbia and is packed by Northern Fish in Tacoma.  Northern Fish is a local, family-owned company that has been in business since 1912.

Cod– Trident Seafood, a local company, provides us with sustainable fish caught in Alaska and processed in Alaska and Western Washington.

Shrimp- Our shrimp comes from Asia through Sysco.  Sysco is known for having inspectors out in the fields and monitor the product closely.  The shrimp are black tiger shrimp processed in Sysco approved plants and are sustainably farmed.


La Mexicana – Our tortillas come from a local Seattle company with a national reputation for excellence.  The relationship between La Mexicana and ownership dates back more than 20 years and the company has proved itself to be one of the best partners to work with. Their commitment to product quality is unmatched in the industry.


We use Sysco for our produce and use organic and local produce whenever possible.  However, this is not always possible during certain times of the year.