Book Your Wedding Catering (The Kind That’s More Fun)

Spring has sprung, and you know what that means… All the crazy lovebirds out there are going to be getting married. That’s right; wedding season is nearly upon us!

While many the busy bride and groom have probably gotten all of their ducks in a row for all the fixings for the big day, there are definitely plenty of couples without some key details planned. After you’ve got your venue, The Dress, and the initial essentials figured out, it’s time to get the catering in order.

You probably won’t be eating much on your wedding day – or maybe you will! Regardless, you’ll want to give your guests something memorable and fun. Pecado Bueno’s wedding catering will definitely do the trick. We don’t bother with the fussy stuff (to tell the truth, we think you should spend your hard-earned cash on tasty food and delicious drinks – not napkin rentals and gaudy chair decorations). Our wedding catering options immediately turn the whole event into a fantastic party, which is what you want anyway, right?

Our ‘sin well’ philosophy carries on into our catering services… Your event should be all about having an awesome time with the people you’re celebrating with, enjoying great food and drinks, and enjoying life in the moment. What better day to imbibe a leeeeettle too much tequila and consume the ultimate fun food (tacos)?

Your guests will thank you, for sure. They would definitely prefer fresh pico de gallo and enchiladas to dry, bland chicken and a wilted, soggy salad.

We can bring you a custom wedding catering experience to fit your style. Send your guests to Pecado Bueno after your ceremony for a laid-back, memorable reception party, or we can come to the location of your choice to insert delicious Mexican flavor. We can do anything from a taco bar to something more themed, like a salmon bake or pig roast.

Now is the time to get your wedding catering figured out, and Pecado Bueno is the one to do it! Contact us for a quote – we look forward to helping make your wedding day that much more awesome.

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